Should I call him?

There is an event coming up on Saturday and I asked a guy, who I've been friends with for nearly a year and I'm slightly interested in him.. Anyways, last month when I asked if he would go with me. He said he is interested but never confirmed if he's coming. So.. the event is 2 days from now, and I've message him 2 times today to get his confirmation. He ignored me.

Well, he told me he'd been busy with work. When I asked him to confirm last weekend, he still sounded interested and asked "When do you need to know by?"

Should I call him to say "Hey f***er! stop making me wonder and answer my god damn text!" or should I just pretend he's not coming? what is he up to? What is he playing?

called him, didn't answer..
He texted me back after getting 3 missed calls from me.. He's not going to make it.

It's probably the 5th time he'd shown interest in my invitation and not attention. Is it a sign that he is not into me? and I should stop inviting him?

Heck he invited me to dinner once and ditched me 2 hours before dinner. Is it what guys do? What the f*** is wrong with him? Think I should forget about him once and for all.


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  • You should have contacted him before now.

    This is one of those times when you've been screwed by your primitive opinion on who should call first, and who has the responsibility for calling...

    You were the one who needed to know something, therefore you should have called and gotten an answer.

    • he said he'd been busy.. I hate to interrupt him in a middle of an important business discussion. But I guess I should call him.. you are right.. because I need to know from him

    • After all those updates? Yes, dump this guy. He's giving you the run around.

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  • You should have asked him a couple of days ago. I suggest calling him but don't say it like that... he'll probably be turned off by that and not want to go at all.

  • If you care, you can ask him why he does this every time. But, in my opinion, you should forget about him and not contact.

  • You really need to call him because you need an answer

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