Never been kissed at 16, is this weird? Or just part of being a teen?

When your sixteen years old, is it weird that:

- you haven't had a first kiss

- you've never gone out on a date

- you've never been asked out

- you've never been grounded

- all your classmates say you're kind-hearted, smart, beautiful, awesome, the coolest friend, chill, the nicest student, "badass", etc.

- the person you like doesn't know you exist

- every time you fall for someone, they fall for your friend

- when you see a couple making out in the hallways, you melt because the one you love is in their arms...the arms of who you thought was your friend.

Did you know someone like this in high school? Do you know if they were ever happy? Because I'm not...I need some honest advice/comments that will make me feel better about myself.


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  • Honey relax, you sound just like me when I was your age...and I didn't even get serious with anyone until I was 21. It was well worth the wait too, because by that time I was able to see past the frogs and choose a prince, albeit he was only 22. Take your comfortable in your own skin...appreciate your uniqueness and the fact that (for whatever reason) you're moving at your own speed. There is NO RUSH. I had (and still do have) men lined up to date me, because they viewed me as a woman who knew her who was choosy about men and not easily led into the arms of anyone just to keep up appearances or to feed any deep-rooted insecurities. A man will NEVER make you happy. Only you can do that for yourself. So figure out why you're not happy and do your best to transform yourself into the ideal person you want to become. Focus on your goals for the future, what you want to achieve with your life. Like attracts like, and (good) men will follow and pursue you once you truly know what you're worth. Good Luck!


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  • lol. I'm a lot like that. I haven't dated in years. never run into the right girl to date. that and I'm shy, and haven't tried to really get in the game.

    and yes. there are a lot of people that don't date in high school and end up dating in college. don't worry!

    and for you, it seems that you are likeable and attractive, but overshadowed by other people. really put yourself out there and make sure guys remember you for more than just a pretty face.

    and as for the making out- that really doesn't mean anything. making out isn't a sign of true love, true told both of them could be infatuated- or both of them can have a relationship that doesn't mean anything at all.

    well. now I'm done ranting =P

  • My first kiss was when I was 16, I hadn't been on a date yet, I hadn't the courage to ask anyone out, and throughout my entire childhood I was never grounded. I was essentially like that in high school, and not much has changed since University.

    I can completely relate, and I know it's hard but it does get better. The reason, when you find someone, everything that you went through prior will seem like it was worth it. Before I start sounding like a sappy love song, I'll just say that it is just part of being a teen and it will get better.


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  • It's not weird, you basically described me at that age. I felt/thought all of those things. You're going through a time in your life where you want to fit in, you're defining yourself more as a person, you have this social pressures that you feel you have to live up to, you wonder why you have to wait for certain things to happen etc. I have learned it's all part of life. Certain things happen at certain times and you can't always plan for them. You have to take the experiences as they come, learn from them so you can grow as an individual. Life seems very unfair, there is uncertainty and that part never changes.

    When I went to college, I was the happiest I have ever been in my life. I was in an awesome place to learn and grow. I met many wonderful people and professors. I was in charge of my own life and felt more in control. All of the bullsh*t of high school went out the window. I had my own group of friends who accepted me as I am. Life seemed clearer and I knew what I wanted.

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