When Guys Leave Things Open Ended?

Last night I had my first phone conversation with a guy I met through an online dating service. He lives 4 hours away. I told him I enjoyed our conversation and he said he did too, but he didn't mention having any further contact. This evening after work, he sent me an e-mail saying again that he enjoyed our conversation and signed it "take care" without mentioning further contact. I am interested in him, but don't know what to do next, if anything. What should I do, if anything, and is it true that one should wait 24 hours before responding to an e-mail? Thanks!


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  • guys like it when a woman can initiate contact at times. he made contact with you, so there's interest on his part. take a chance and just email him already.

    i can understand the whole dating protocol thing about waiting, and whatnot. but in this case things are early and you guys haven't even established that there is a mutual attraction. so just return his email.

    i myself get disinterested quickly if I don't hear back in a timely manner.

    • Good to know. Thanks!

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    • Yes, is there a way I can message you directly and tell you more about it to see what you think?

    • Lol..yes of course. ist.ayj@gmail

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  • Just wait till he calls again. do not reply at all with an email. If he likes you he will call, if not then he will not call.


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  • Is it true that if you rub a lamp, the genie will come out? What's wrong with you?

    He might be interested, he might also be, how you say, on the retarted side of the street (too dumb to mention that he'd like to have further contact). If you're the kind of girl that would answer an e-mail without waiting 24 hours later, do that. If not, just make a sandwich or something and wait for his dumb ass to contact. Online dating services aren't really the place for extremely confident go-getterish guys, so maybe it doesn't matter that much if he mentioned further contact. Chillax, babydoll