No kiss after the 2nd date means?

I went on two dates with this one guy that I meet online and when the date ended he did not even try to kiss me. We hugged each other when we said hello and good bye but they did not linger, does that mean that he is not interested. I am just confused. He seems interested but yet he doesn't. I do feel like I have to initiate everything for example by texting or suggesting we get together, yet when I text he texts me right back, same thing with calling. He works a lot and we don't live too close to one another so that has made it more difficult for us to get together. I guess, I also did not try to kiss him, but didn't want to be too forward.

Just wondering what everyone on here thinks about it.


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  • He wouldn't continue to date you if he didn't like you.

  • Maybe he thinks as you do, too forward, doesn't want to scare you off...

    Initiate a 3rd meeting, more comfortable surroundings, one of your homes. He accepts, green lights


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