While dating, how often to meet up?

I started dating for the first time in my life 3 moths ago.

I met a 37 year old who is really busy in life and works night shift. We have seen each other 4 times after we met. It seems little to me even if she is busy with other things. Also, lately I am always the one contacting her. She don't contact me.

She is really nice and always kiss me after we have met and talks about maybe seeing each other then and there. Then the plan falls or whatever.

I feel like I get double messages, like she is trying to next me gently but on the other hand show signs she wants me.


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  • Shes a cougar...she needs her fix but in the end, she's got other things to worry about. Unless you are around the higher end of your age bracket (ie 23/24), then I would say I think you both have two different opinions of the relationship


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  • Put that cougar on ice and see what happens.