How long should you after he dumps his girlfriend?

I've liked this guy ALL summer, and him and his girlfriend just broke up. I asked him to go to this school dance we have and he said he was kind of upset and he didn't really want to go. His friend told me jsut to wait a while then ask long should I wait? earlier in the summer we were talking about maybe dating. How long should I wait before I bring that up again?


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  • Give that poor guy some time to mourn. Honestly, I wouldn't even ask him unless he asks you. The more persistent you are, the more you put yourself at risk for being the rebound girl. You did what you could. You put the idea of you and him dating, I'm sure the message is clear that you want to be in a relationship with him. When he's ready, he knows you will be waiting. So I guess the answer is 'patience.'