Why won't he just leave me alone, or be normal to me?

Me and this guy I work with had a fling for a few months, and it's over now and I have a serious relationship now with someone, and I still have to see this guy at work and work together and stuff but he is a jerk sometimes. Like he'll always ask what I've been up to and what I do.. like he's always curious, and then sometims at work when I do things he like makes fun of me. Like he'll be like wow can you go any slower, or like I was taking the trash out and I walk by him and he's like "haha you have to take the trash out" or I was saying how I want to find another job and then I was like but sadly I'm not leaving here and he's like "yeah sadly." And then other times he was randomly like "I hate you" and called me a slut and stuff and I got a tattoo on my lower back and he's like "why'd you get it there? so everyone can see it?" Meaning I'm a slut I guess.

I just don't understand, like why is he being mean to me? I have never been mean to him, honestly I'm a nice and quiet girl like it just really bothers me that he's a jerk like this.. just why? I don't understand. It's getting really annoying cause every time I work with him I have to put up with his sh*t and hear him talk about me to other people. It's like what is your problem? Why can't he just leave me alone like go bother with other girls or just be normal with me ya know?


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  • He's salty it seems. Confronted him yet?

  • maybe its because you had a fling with him when you were already in a serious relationship...

    • I wasn't already in a relationship. I ended things with him to be in a serious relationship

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