How long should I give him?

I started talking to this guy strictly over texting for two months over the summer. We couldn't hang out because we lived two hours away from each other but he told me all the time that we were going to hang out once we started college. I believed him and I kind of started to like him and I really got the feeling that he liked me from the stuff that he said. However, the week before we moved into school he changed his relationship status to in a relationship which confused me beyond belief so I asked him about it and he told me that he was sorry and that he just wanted to be friends and that we were still definitely going to hang out at school still.

So we moved into school last Saturday and I saw him at one point but didn't go up to him but I texted him later that day and told him that I saw him. Then he texted me back "I want to see you" and I was like well I was going to come say hi earlier but I thought I would be weird and then he was like "Just come see me real fast please" and I was like I'm not in my dorm but I will be back soon and he was like "make sure you text me when you get back." Well walking back I happen to run into him but he was leaving to go somewhere but he told me he would come see me when he got back and then he texted me and told me the exact same thing 5 minutes later. So we went on a walk and it was really nice to see him and he told me that he would see me tomorrow when he walked me to my building. He texted me Sunday morning but never responded. Then Monday morning I sent him a long text about how if we were going to be friends we needed to hang out like normal friends and that I didn't want to try and be friends if he didn't want to back and that he could talk to me once he figured out what he wanted from me but of course he never texted me back. Well I saw him Monday night and he was yelling my name and waving at me which I thought was weird considering the message I had sent him and he never responded to. Then Tuesday night he texted me twice within the same hour but never said anything back when I texted back.

I really don't know what is going on with him. His girlfriend goes to the same college as us which kind of makes things weird but what I really don't get is why he would text me but never respond back when I text him back. Like why waste your time? He seemed like really excited and anxious to see me on Saturday which doesn't make sense for him to be like that but then not want to see me again.

So how long do you think I should give him for him to text me again or do you think that he probably never will again and he is just going to completely forget about me because that is what I am afraid of? Or should I just give him a week or two and just text him and say hey and see if he responds then and go from there?



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  • Listen...This guy you like is confused he doesn't know what he wants to do he likes you but he likes his girlfriend 2... DO NOT text him he will just think your obsessive or he will think that he can have you anytime he wants 2 so its not a good idea! Just wait for him 2 text you..And when you accidentally see him at college go up 2 him and start flirting a bit with him and then just ask him strait up..Tell him : listen I like you more then friend I just want to know how you feel about me...? If you don't like me its fine cause life goes on but if you do then let me know cause am not gonna wait for you any more.! YOU need 2 be clear with him so he know that you won't wait for him so if he doesn't like you you will move on...Lots of boys out there that are cute and SINGLE.! ;p hope it helps!

    • Oh believe me I have been on campus for a week and I have seen PLENTY of cute boys!

      My biggest thing with this situation though is that I feel like he is just going to completely forget that I ever existed and that we could have possibly been something. I get this feeling that he is never ever going to text me again but then I think about it and a small part of me knows that he isn't that type of guy to be like that and one day he is going to text me. Thanks for your help!

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    • if you text him and tell him how you feel he would use your feelings... cause he will know you want him and have you when ever he wants.! this is how guys work...theres no need 4 boys 2 know how you feel if you don't have him cause boys break your heart ones they know how you feel about them...just wait if he texis good if he doesn't just move on..! xD

    • Yeah that definitely makes sense. I guess it is all just waiting game now which SUCKS but whatever it is his loss if he doesn't ever talk to me again not mine :)! Thanks for your help!

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  • 2.3 months

    • Give him 2 to 3 months before you think that he is going to finally text me back or should I wait that long before I try to contact him? Or do you think by that time he is going to forget that I ever existed?

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  • Guys are weird. I'll never understand 'em

    But in response to your question, I'd say don't wait a while before texting just don't initiate it at all. If he wants to be friends or whatever then leave it and see if he texts you first. If he doesn't then I don't think he's worth it

    • I'm going to try really hard not to text him at all but I really just want to know why he is doing this and I am so impatient when it comes to other people. I am trying so hard to just let things happen but I am afraid that after he saw me on Saturday he just decided that I wasn't worth his time or something like that. But if that is the case I don't get why he would text me even though he wasn't go to respond back... Who knows! But thanks for the help!

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