How do you kiss? apparently I don't know how to do it?

Apparently I am a horrible kisser and that seems to get drag me down a lot as I have missed opportunities with girls, because everything seems to be fine until I kiss them and then they walk away from me after, they are like "ohh I have to go" and then the fun its over, and it all seems because of my bad kissing skills.

I have never had a girlfriend and I honestly don't know how to do it.


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  • I don't know what you're doing wrong so I'll list the usual things people tend to do wrong.

    Don't do the fish lips/kissy face you were taught is right, its not right... at all. You want to relax your lips and make it so she can rest her upper lip on your bottom lip. Then after that its a simple peck and you pull away and keep doing so (you'll be able to tell when to stop/keep going from what she does). Then you'll gradually move into tongue kissing. Guys have the advantage because a lot of times a girl will take over and start the motion. You just open your mouth (not wide) but enough to get your tongue into her mouth. DON'T stick your tongue down her throat, less is better but you still want enough used.

    Don't make it a sloppy kiss. Meaning, don't leave the girl covered in spit. If you need to moist your lips then a simple lick ONCE around them is fine. But nothing is more of a turn off when you're kissing a guy than pulling away and feeling his spit all over your mouth area. Its gross and uncomfortable for most girls.


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  • let me guess. you find the act of kissing awkward in and of itself and because of that you don't enjoy it. but you try to force it along for the girls sake. right?

    • no you are wrong actually

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