Right person / wrong timing...what to do?

Some background: my friend and I dated for a bit after she broke up with a guy (it was a 3 year relationship). We started dating about 4 weeks post break up and were taking things pretty slow. After about a month of seeing each other, she said she wasn't ready for anything. I know she's being legit with me though and she's not just blowing me off. I think it was a combination of her honestly not being ready for a relationship and she was pretty stressed at that time in her life. Also, I really do care for her and think it would be cool to eventually be in a relationship with her.

I'm wondering now, should I:

1.) drop all contact with her

2.) keep contact to a minimum (maybe make contact every 2 weeks or so) and keep convos friendly

3.) drop contact for a couple months (unless she contacts me) and contact her to see how she's doing and catch-up and whatnot

4.) any other thoughts...?


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What Girls Said 1

  • My advice. I wouldn't completely drop contact, I think you should maintain contact as if she were still the friend she was before and just a friend. It sucks to hear but that is all she needs right now is a friend.

    However I'd be careful that you don't lock yourself in the friend zone.

    In short. Be a friend but not too friendly.

    But don't start acting like things are super different because that's a sure fire way to lose her. Trust me I know I've done that.


What Guys Said 1

  • If she was your friend before, then go back to being her friend. Unless you had romantic intentions from the start, then it gets a lot more complicated because you aren't going to be fair with yourself.

    4 weeks is way to short between relationships, you were definitely going to be the rebound. I'd probably steer clear at least a year maybe longer before getting involved with a girl who is getting over a 3 year relationship.

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