Dating a player - any advice?

I'd love your help - I met a guy two weeks ago, we met again at a party and hooked up one week ago (no sex, but fooled around and he stayed the night). He suggested coffee the next morning but I was too tired and he was wide awake so he let me sleep and promised to be in touch. We got in touch (I initiated it) and we've organised a catch up/date on Wednesday.

My flatmate reckons that the guy is "nice but a bit of a player". My friend thinks that because he didn't text me he's not really that keen on me.

What do you guys think? Does it sound like he's just not really all that keen or does it sound like he's just a bit lazy/busy? Do you think that its possible to convert a player? If it IS possible, do I have a chance, and how is it possible?

Please and thanks!


I should perhaps add a disclaimer that obviously I am aware that we are not dating yet. Its easier to say "dating a player" than "I hooked up with a player and then we eventually got a date and I haven't been on it yet but I want some advice" lol.


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  • ummm don't date him, keep it as a hook up, you don't want to date a player, cause like the name suggests, he will play you.


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  • Dont go out with him. I mean you barely know this guy. Take it slow. If he doesn't want to then that's his problem. As long as you respect yourself everything will be fine. Just chill. Don't do something later on your gonna regret.