This guy doesn't know where to go on a date?

He suggested a "cuddle in bed with a movie" or a "back massage" he obviously has no clue! I have no intentions of sleeping with him by the way as I have only came out of a relationship a few weeks ago.

The questio is he just after sex?


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  • He is not after sex. Well not right now.

    Clearly he is new to dating. So take him easy.

    Suggest him a place to go for a date. There is no shame . There is a first , for everyone. None was born with date knowledge in his mind.

    Noone said that you should sleep with him . Right now.

    If you two get along well, you know how things are going.

    Anyway, he is new , and probably very nervous because he knows that he is new.

    Be gentle with him.


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