He acts jealous when other men approach me. Can so one please give me good advice!!

I have known this guy for about 4 years I became interested in him 2yrs ago. He is a very nice man but I noticed he treats me different from everyone else. So asked him what was wrong. He told me he likes me and could not be friends because he likes me. He feels a relationship with me is not appropriate do to him beginning my sons coach. I told him I could keep this separate he said him to but then we never went any further. I asked him out a couple of time and each time he said he was busy, so I told him I give up.

I later find out he was dating two other co-workers at the school. As for me he still treats me different one min friendly the next trying to avoid me. He asks me personal question I feel only friends should ask but then when I do the same back I get nothing plus he acts jealous when other men approach me when he is around. I’ve accepted his decision of no relationship, but we still have to get alone with each other and he is making this hard for me.

Can someone give me any advice on how to handle this situation?


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  • sounds like douchebag to me

    • I agree, he sounds like a liar and someone who will say whatever he can to keep himself out of trouble. Find someone more worth your time and energy and who will treat you with respect.

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  • Please do not waste your time thinking on what he feels. I'd suggest you to completely stop paying attenton to him and talk to him only if the situation demands it. Do not bombard him with queries constantly as he seems to be a fickle-minded person.