Do you think it's hard to date someone chubby and big once you've dated someone with a great body?

Ever since I dated this tennis player with a six pack, big arm muscles, and a sexy chest, I've found it hard to be overwhelmingly attracted to guys who don't have really nice bodies. Now before, I never put so much emphasis on a guy with muscles and a six pack. I would date and be extremely attracted to a guy even if he was chubby or a little short. But to be honest, now it just really is hard to get really excited about a guy PHYSICALLY after dating someone so hot! This doesn't mean I won't give guys who don't have a six pack and muscles a chance! I would still date him and I could still love him. If I met someone who was so amazing and I fell in love with him, I'd accept him no matter what he lacked physically. I'm just being honest here! Keeping it real 100%, I kinda feel like I have to get my share of hot, muscular guys before I start dating chubby guys with flabs who aren't all that cute. Is that terrible?

What do you think?

Have you ever dated someone who was really hot then found it hard to be attracted to people who weren't as hot or hotter? Share stories and expeirences :D


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  • Well bodies didn't mean much to me to begin with because I don't believe lust should be mistaken for love, though there needs to be some sort of attraction before one can fall in love. I believe if I'm looking for a long term relationship that I find beautiful/gorgeous facial features are important, but her personality must be good as well. (Sweet, kind,caring, mature, intelligent,etc.) That kind of thing is important to me, the body is able to be changed or altered at any given moment. So I believe I rather focus on face, and personality first, I rarely care about their ass, breasts, hips or w.e when I'm in love. If I was thinking about their body from the get go, then I was mainly in it for sex or etc. I have dated mainly average weight women, Normal features and etc, then I have dated one or two women that were bigger then me. In my opinion, no one was better then the other, whether attraction,physical, or relationship wise. Though some of the girls who were bigger weren't shallow because they aren't high on self esteem and have their head up their ass. I used to be chubby/fat, so I know what its like to be looked down upon, but really, love isn't about physical features, its about an iron connection from one persons heart to another.

    • I agree 100%! That's why I'm asking this because deep down, I feel kinda bad about these feelings, but I can't help what I feel! At least I'm being 100% honest about what I feel and putting it out there ya know? I know it's not all about looking good, I guess I'm just dealing with this new, exciting feeling of knowing that I can have a hot guy and muscles are so sexy...but I don't know I don't want to become a superficial, shallow bitch. I don't think I will.

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    • Lol I couldn't eat ice cream to begin with, ever since a kid, I couldn't eat sweets at all. My body would feel uncomfortable for awhile. =/

    • that sucks epically

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  • We all have our preferences. Once you date a certain kind of person, I wouldn't say it's hard to look outside that type, but that's the type you start to look for. Unless they turned out to be a scumbag.

    • I wouldn't use the word preferance to describe what I'm feeling. Honestly, I think "We all have our preferances" and "It's just my preferance" is becoming something people use to exclude and make it look okay because "they're just not into ____" there's a difference between having a preferance and discirminating against someone who doesn't fit an idea.

    • The point I'm trying to make is no, it's not "terrible" for you to feel the way you do.

    • oh OK thanks :)

  • Terrible no...but you are aware than your preferences are viewed as " shallow" by society...and it will drastically diminish your poll of good single guys are entering in the shallowest game zone better be ready to play it...

    • No, it's not a preferance and I am not shallow. I know I'm not a shallow person, I just like hot guys.

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    • Hyperion...that's great advice, but it doesn't apply to me :)

    • Well since you said that you would choose a good personality over a mindless hot body..I would say you are fine...there's nothing wrong in wanting and needing that physical attraction...if you like muscles go for it...I like brunettes ...don't really have a body type preference as long its not like super overweight...but I would date blonds, red haired...skinny, average, curvy, small butt, big butt, small breasts, big long as they had a good personality..

  • I know this is an older post but I get why it's harder. If I dated a bikini model for a while, then going back to someone "flabbier" might just be harder, lol. Not that I tried tho.

    My girlfriend dated a fitness guy before me though so I decided to get really fit myself to give her the A games in the looks department, she deserves that!


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