Should I kiss my best friend tomorrow

Ok, I've been friends with this guy for a year though we don't see each other outside of school often due to him always being grounded. Really, I love him, but only as a friend. But, I have been thinking about kissing him for awhile along with never having my first kiss. My crush is in a relationship and I'm too much of a p**** to speak to him even though our eighth period classes are right next door to each other, so I don't see him giving it to me.

My best friend is taken, also, but I really don't mind it with him because I've never met his new girlfriend and he never talks about her. I always bite him on the neck after hugging him when we are parting ways after he walks me home from the bus stop. Tomorrow he is going to bite me, so, I was thinking about grabbing him by the back of the neck and kissing him when he is starting to pull away.

What do you think?


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  • sounds like a good idea, but wtf is with the biting?

    • I wore those fake vampire fangs that mold to your canine teeth to school last year on Halloween and he had me bite him to see if it would hurt and I've just done it ever since. He finds it funny and I have fun doing it.

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  • you want to kiss him but you only love him as a friend? why mess with the poor guy just because you want your first kiss...

    • Its more that I don't really understand my feelings for him and want to see if the kiss will make me figure it out. Some days I love him as a friend and others I want to be so much more.

    • again, something that wouldn't be fair to the guy. if you don't know what you want, don't lead him on until you suddenly get it. although it might sound romantic at first, a kiss won't really be much to determine with just like in the movies, it takes much more than that but that's just my opinion. imagine you express that you love him more than a friend, then he feels the same, then you suddenly dont, he'll be crushed! don't rush things that are sweet and requires you knowing what you want :)

  • Haha you sound like my best friend! Right down to the biting! Though we have been best friends for close to five years now. I often think about dating her or kissing her. In my experience it sounds like a great idea!


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  • did you end up kissing him?

    • No, because I realized on the bus ride that he was far too important to me and I didn't want to risk hurting him.

    • Yes, and it was horrible and terribly awkward.