Online dating? Anyone with experience?

Ok, so I am in love with this guy from Spain, he is 20 years old, he will be 21 in May.

I want to be with him as soon as possible, but I don't know how I can make that happen. He is willing to move here when he is finished school in the summer after he turns 21. But I have no idea where he could get a job or how I could get him here without paying a bunch of money.

I am only turning 18 in December coming up. So I was wondering the easiest way for him to come to Canada.

Any ideas?



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  • i have no experience in online dating but LDR are hard I know cause my man and I are kinds doing that now since he works 2 hrs away and has to work like 12 hr shifts so he stays out their sometimes. and I really never see him cause when he is home he's at his house sleeping from so much work. but with you and him don't see each other , I would suggest skype. Just seeing my man is better than just texting or calling him. Maby try that. BWT age has nothing to do with love so you go girl! my man is 29 and I'm 18 and that's a strech but I just happen to be more mature and he's not so mature. SO it works for us 21 and 18 is not that big of a strech so don't take what other people say to the heart.

    • thatnks :) and I won't :) I hope things go great for you and your man :) cause I do skype with my man :) we do all the time :) and my man will be coming to visit me in July after he turns 21 :)

    • aww thanks! and congrats ! hope things work for you too! thanks for the BA!

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  • Remind him to get a big coat, Spain to Canada sounds like a harsh change.

  • most of the time online dating doesn't work.

    • yeah well I know that me and him are the ones who are gonna work. I'm sure of it.

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    • ok, I've warned you.

    • oh I'm not scared lol xD more like enthralled with excitement to prove you and everyone else who doubts me wrong :)

  • Three words:

    Not gonna work.

    • that has nothing to do with my question.

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    • So naive. HAHAHAHA come back in a year.

    • Oh I'll be here for about 5 years. and when what I want happens in 3 to 4 years I'll be on here and I will announce a happy engagement/marriage.

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  • Not going to work.

    You're 17, he's 21. Get real, love.

    He probably just wants to use you for your money.

    Don't be naive, kid.

    • I have no money... and no matter how young I am, I can still love someone. and he is only 20 right now. and I am turning 18. I am not being naive. I know who I love. and he isn't using me for anything. I could just as easy move to spain but I just don't know spanish.

    • Do as you wish. Just dating rarely works and its even less likely to work out at your age.

    • well when I prove you wrong I'll have bragging rights. I know it'll work, because I am going to fight for it. no matter how hard.

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