Dating the "I don't know" guy!

My boyfriend has trouble with making choices, always hiding behind silence and the choices are not hard, where would you like to go? What would you like to eat? this doesn't bother me because he has a speaking problem, so I always thought it was out of embarrassment. He than has the cheek to questions my feelings because I haven't made a commitment, I just think it was too soon at the time.

So I planned to make a commitment and asked him what he would like me to do? I didn't want to scare him with too much of a commitment. His reply was that he didn't know and I've noticed that always his reply to the matter, why does he wants me to make a commitment when he can't make one himself?


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  • He sounds like a really passive guy, so it might not be that he doesn't want to make a commitment he may just not no what to do. To be honest sometimes it is a lot harder to make a really big decision, like making a commitment, without knowing how you will react. So ummmmm, I guess you could just tell him what you want and then see how he reacts...

  • He just wants reassurance from you. He's got insecurities and him making a commitment is one of them. Sometimes, the female has to be the aggressive one.


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