What do you think about kissing someone you just met?

Okay, so I ended up in the most awkward position;

I just started college, I mean JUST, like today was only the like 2nd day after orientation.

I met some pretty cool people, most of them being dudes - not for relationship or sexual reasons, I just like hanging out with guys more - so we decided to hangout in one of their dorms, played some video games and chatted - it was like me and three other girls)

We were just talking, getting to know each other, and the guy's dorm I was in introduced himself to me. ( His name is Joey,)

There was a movie showing near our residence halls on campus, so we all met up the next night to watch that. Everything was pretty chill, and after it was over we left for our dorms. We live on the same floor, and Joey's room is like two doors from mine. He invited me over to play COD with him ( yea I know, such a nerd :P ) I had nothing better to do so I went.

His roomate was there so we all just hung out. He asked to use my computer because he didn't have one, so we went back to my dorm. I let him do what he had to and all, and then I told him I was getting tired.

On his way out, he offered a hug, so I took it, and then we ended up making out somehow...?

Naturally, he started getting all touchy, which honestly started to freak me out, because honestly - he's like the second guy I've ever kissed, (first guy I've ever kissed like that lol :O) I'm still a virgin, and new to the intimacies dealing with guys. Anyway, I pulled away from him and told him why...he wasn't upset, and left with a good night...

So yea, now I'm trying to figure out what to do with the situation - I know it was just a kiss, but I really liked it, and he's definitely not shy about his intentions,( and god is he tempting...)

I guess you could say we're leaning towards a friends with benefits things... But I don't want a FWB...hell, don't even want a boyfriend yet...just want to get adjusted to college first lol

Oh yea, and the other guy I hangout with is friends with Joey, and he's pretty into me :\

So yea, should I avoid him / stay friends / hang out still?

I'm definitely gonna talk to him tommorow, to establish I'm not like creeped out or hate him or anything because of it.

Oh and, what do you think about kissing someone you just met?

Is it okay? Kinky? Slutty? Disgusting...?

I know it was a little epic - but thanks for reading and any advice^^


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  • First let me start off with congrats on college girlie! I don't think this is an awkward situation at all. Your in college and you'll have a lot of days when you'll end up kissing people just because lol I know that sounds awful but it's true. Sooo many people explore their sexuality in different ways in college and just kissing some guy is not the worst thing that could happen. My advice to you with the guy who kissed you is don't do something you don't want to do. If you don't like him and it was just a kiss don't lead him on and make him think your into him by letting it happen again. I know shi* happens but let it be a one time thing. Let him know if he tries it next time that you just want to be friends and nothing more. I would say don't bring it up let it just fade if he doesn't bring it up you shouldn't either. It wasn't a big deal just a kiss and there is nothing wrong with that. Now I wouldn't go kissing every guy you see lol but if you think a guy is attractive and he's really sweet your allowed to kiss him if you want what you do is up to you. I would recommend getting to know him more before you let him get a taste lol but like I said it is totally up to you and I can't judge you because it's your life. You're an adult now and your going to have to start making decisions for yourself and not worrying about what others think is acceptable based on your morals and the way you were raised you will have to make the right decisions. So I hoped this helped and have fun in college explore (but be careful and stay safe) and just get to know different people and find out what you like and don't like. College isn't just about learning with books it's about learning about yourself and who you are and your likes and dislikes and figuring out what you want out of life. Good luck!

    • OMG - this answer is excellent XD

      Your right - I guess it was just my inexperience that led it to happening; not use to guys even being interested in me - let alone that lol

      Okay - I feel like I should say something - just because the other people I hangout with are friends with him, and so we'll be seeing each other around often :\ should I just be like - " Yo, lets just be friends? " lol

    • I would recommend not bringing it up unless he does boys are verrrrryyyyy sneaky like that and giving him that upperhand by letting him know that you were even thinking about the kiss may not end so well for you. Just play your cards right and act like nothing happened. It's okay that it's never happened before like I said college is full of new experiences and you just have to be able to navigate your way through different situations. Hope this helped : )

    • Okay - thanks it really did ^^ A LOT :)

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  • It happens. I started my first relationship with a girl I kissed the very evening I met her

  • I find it hard to believe that someone with your lack of experience just makes out with someone she just met. I'm not implying you're a slut or anything I just find it strange that after years of caution (I assume) you let your guard down like that. Good luck. Hope it works out with the guy!

    • YEA!

      That totally surprised me too - I went into this college thing swearing to only be with like one guy faithfully - and this sh*t happens.

      My concience was definitely screaming at me to stop it, and that's probably why I feel so bad about what happened now - but I think it was a moment of weakness; like I've never had guys pay much mind to me, especially attractive guys - so I guess that's why I ultimately did it. Just wanted that male attention I suppose;

    • I guess feeling unwanted / lonely, makes you a little desperate :(

      Ah well, it was an interesting moment - hopefully no more repeats until it's with a legit someone.

  • As a general rule, if the kissing works for you, keep kissing him. Let the rest sort itself out.

  • Sounds slutty to me.

    • Why? I mean, it's not like we had sex, and it's not like we planned this kiss...it sorta just happened...

      But I mean yea, making out with people you aren't too familiar with yet, could come off like that. I figured it have to be with more than one person to make it slutty though?

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    • No, he would be a player and a douche.

    • Riiight...

      Lol anyway - thanks for your thoughts^^

  • I've done it before, could it come off as slutty, desperate, disgusting, kinky. All four of them yes. Slutty because of obvious reasons. Disgusting if from an outside perspective. If a guy kisses you and you just met him, I doubt he would call it disgusting. Kinky, some guys might get turned on by the fact. And desperate, you are putting yourself out there because you want some. (kisses)

    From what I see from this. It isn't like you guys just walked up to each other and started making out. you guys made a connection with one another, and it ended up to leading out. So what. It's not like you gave him anything more than a makeout session. As well as you pulled back and stopped the kissing.

    You are perfectly fine and I don't think anyone has any room to talk. This isn't elementary school. You're in college. The only way someone will think you're a slut is if you not just sleep with someone quickly, but sleep with multiple people.

    You guys made a connection, his intentions were probably a kiss from the start, for you it just kinda happened. I don't see one single problem with this at all.


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