I like him, but know I'll never see him again, what do I do???

I was semi hooking up with my best friends cousin for a while, we'd kissed and a little more, NO SEX. I began to like him, but knew that he only wated to "have fun" and originally that was fine for me too. but I was starting to wonder if he was gaining feelings for me too (cuz he was being more and more tender and talking more and wanting physical stuff after) but now my Best friend got into a fight and moved out of the house that she lived in with him. and she has nooo clue that anything happened between us.

he has no cell phone and doesn't respond to messages online.

but I also know that he's had his share of run ins with MAJORLY clingy girls attacking him online. I don't wanna be one of them, but I really wish I could talk to him and see what's going on.

i'm 17(turning 18) and he just turned 22.and is very reserved about relationships.

what do I do, just simply dump it and get over it?


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  • i wouldn't say just dump it

    i would say wait a little while like 2-4 weeks until you hear from him, he might be busy or something, we all have things going on in out lives you know.

    if he doesn't try to make any contact after, then you should take a step of trying to move on and go out there and date, I mean I'm almost the same age, had someone to hook up with then he disappeared kinda thing, and that's what I did, and here I am dating great guys, and taking my time on being committed

    hope that helps =))