He's playing mind games

Female 20

Dating a Nice Guy First date went Well he called me three days after the date ,

Then we went on a second date cuddled. Held Hands and had fun He drove me back to my apartment then I gave him a good night kiss. And said thank you . He Texts Me and said I always run home It was a double meaning message . He texts the next day after the date and said good morning when I Replied to it He didn't. I haven't Heard from him Since. I wouldn't text him either if he wants to see me he will text Right ? The Last thing I want Is Him to Think I am Sitting around waiting for him to get in touch If I did ring or text him he Might not Reply. The date went really well he Put his arm around me and rubbed my arm we held Hands he rubbed my hand and kept kissing me Now He's playing mind games . ? Please help If he Does get in touch should I Text back ?

I think He's Just looking for sex

If a Guy is Interested he won't wait for days to get in touch?

No rude Messages just want some advise with me experience Please

Thank you

Please give me advise


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  • If he had told you that the next day he'll be busy and couldn't reply - that's fine, but otherwise it's not okay to ignore.

    That's why I personally avoid texting in relationships, I prefer making a phone call.

    The best you can do is either just once more text him or the next time you meet him, politely ask him why he didn't reply, but make sure wheter or not you'll find any sense in his reply.

    Saying ''I forgot'' wouldn't make any sense, how could he forget you after a good date? No way.

    And... there's a thing, that some guys believe that if they'll ignore the girl for a few days after a really good date, it may make the girl obsessed. Also called as ''hot and cold". It's very cruel way how to treat their dates.

    If he wants you to be obsessed with him then it means that he's control freak or very insecure about himself, or lacks self-confidence - as there are tons of dating ''experts'' who advice guys playing "hot and cold" to their girlfriends in order to get them down on their knees.

    Don't make any premature assumptions though, first have a polite talk with him like an adults, but later keep an eye to his behavior - towards what direction it's heading. Also don't let your emotions to cloud your judgement(fake it in case you can't control them), such issues must be addressed without them.


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