To people who got past their non-dating/non-flirting/romance mindset - do you have any advice?

I never really date girls, or even have flings brief or extended. I don't know why I haven't gotten around my apathy/fear towards this kinda thing but it does start to make me feel like I am missing opportunities. It has come to be accepted in my friendship group that I don't get with girls and even though I often get told about girls who fancy me.

The thing is I suck at taking leads...even when I get told that a girl likes me or I get signs I'm just not sure about how to act on it or if I even want to (complicates things) or most likely if I even CAN (not uber-confident here) I just feel like that I am going to be awkward and that their expectations of me or of a guy won't be met

Any tips of how to snap out of this mentality and start seeing girls as possible dates, romances? as well as friends or acquantances which I have no problems with.


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  • Well first off, you have to be ready by yourself to accept the fact that you wanna start dating. Pushing you to do it will not make it better. If a girl is into yuo, yeah she might have some sort of expectation but in all honesty, when you show us how you really are, we are not going to keep this expectation pedestal thing on you forever. just be genuine with her or the girls in general.

    When you wanna take that step, it will come. :)


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