Guys, why don't you seek more relationship advice?

So as far as I can tell, in life in general, women seem to ask for more help when it comes to dating and relationships. Do guys just prefer to deal with their own problems? Do they have less problems? Or is it maybe that women exaggerate their problems, so it seems that they ask for more advice than men do? Or what could it be?


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  • A lot of guys keep things to themselves. We normally try to deal with problems all on our own and it usually works out.and we tend to only seek help when we are really desperate meaning we don't know what else to do. Women are more open with their emotional status because society lets them, therefore you see more of them letting it out than us. Us guysh ave just as many problems as you women, we just choose not to show it.


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  • Naah.guys ask questions a lot. Just most of the time they keep everything to themselves. Like me, I would never discuss all the problems I face with people I know. I just don't feel like doing it. Instead I would ask here in a more anonymous setting. Don't like other's sticking around my emotional problems.


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  • A long time ago, when our ancestors were running around topless in loin cloths, the men hunted and the women gathered. Hunting men could not talk, they had to communicate with grunts, body language and hand signals. Any other noise would scare off the prey.

    Women on the other hand needed each other for protection and advice. With the men gone hunting, they had to stick close together and be loud to warn off predators. And with the gathering - they had to have to knowledge to not pick poisonous plants. And with that ingrained into our instincts - this is what we evolved into.

    Seriously, men internalize and women externalize. Men suffer the same problems as women - they are just more quiet about it. Be it ego or image - they rebuff help because they aren't supposed to need help. So men stumble around in the dark with their problems and keep making the same mistakes over and over again because we don't understand the grunts or hand signals.

    Women on the other hand can't seem to shut up about their problems - it's almost to the point to where you are numbed to their problems because that's all we do is talk about what's wrong. We overanalyze, overtalk, over everything. And so we are doomed to stumble around in the dark because we are talking too much to listen.

    I realize that I am over generalizing and exaggerating, but there is a kernal of truth to my "theory". Sometimes it's so hard to take a step back and take an objective look at how we communicate. Men need to take the time to talk and women take the time to listen. Then reverse, ta-dah!

  • I seriously think it's partly due to how they're brought up. I hate to generalize, but guys grow up with playing with toy trucks and lego (for example) and girls are growing playing with toys like dolls and tea sets (for example) and hence girls interact more.

    Seriously, guys should talk more about their problems instead of making themselves to look like they don't have issues or a problem because it only will lead to the problem becoming unsolvable as time goes on.

    I think it's all about the 'image' guys want to show, that they are in control of it, but they aren't. Personally, I look for a guy who likes to talk so we are more likely to work things out if need be.

    • Yeah you are right in a way. Likw when I have issues I can't talk about it and I actually feel more worse. I normally go for some anonymous setting like online to solve emotional and relationship issues.

    • But of course guys go through all kinds of emotional issues and it's hard because there is not that social backing as far as resolving emotional issues are concerned.

    • I agree. ;*) one of my ex's was like that too, he was too 'cocky' to discuss his problems.