When I hang out with my older buddies?

around my age and friends, i'm myself and can control everything i say and do...but when I hang out with my older buddies in there 30s.. i can't get my mind straight and act like myself.. does anyone else have this problem and how do you handle it...?


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  • i think everyone acts different around different people. I have a friend. whos such a sweetheart when its just the 2 of us hanigng out but as soon as another one of our mutual friend joins theyre both just ashols usually or teasee people LOT. SO YEAH LOL.

    • Thank you! you are Absolutly Right! and helped me out a lot just now

    • hope so. (: don't feel the need to fit in. I'm sure they like you for you (:

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  • honestly is because you see them older and feel like you either have to act diffrent because you don't want to seem like you are a little kid or something. but if you can't be yourself around them why be around them if you are going to be feeling uncomfortable?...


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  • Nope I act the same pretty much all the time

    • Thats good, this stuff used to not bother me but now I don't know what's happend...I think I've gotten soft..

    • Eat some brick wall that should harden you up

      Good joke I know