He won't officially date me. How do I get out of this situation?

There is this boy that I've been talking to for a long time and its pretty much like we are dating but were not. Anyways he won't officially date me. He says nice things to me all the time but hardly gives me the time of day. I am insecure and have no self confidence and can't get myself to leave him. And I think he knows that. How do I get myself to gain more confidence and leave him?


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  • You are young, so the most important things are that you are happy and comfortable. If you want aren't secure where you are, it would be best for you to express that to him. If you have, as you say, been talking for a long time, there should an understanding where either of you can be honest and the other can appreciate being told the truth. As for confidence, I would suggest beginning by appreciating who you are. Think of things that you like about yourself, qualities that make you special. Just ignore anything that makes you doubt yourself, small imperfections are there to remind you that you are human. When you talk to this guy keep telling yourself that your happiness is important and that you can, and will, get out the other side in a happier place. All the best :)


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