How can I do flirting right?

i used to do the thing they say you sould do: I didn't show that I care if I liked someone, just when they seemed to be interested in me, I was acting like I'm not into them that much. that didn't get me really far. I haven't had a boyfriend for 8 months. and now, I started to take the first step. I went up to them, talked to them,and when I was a bit tipsy I told them I liked them/ kissed/hugged them.

that seemed to be efficient for a one night thing.(just kissing). I picked up 3 guys in the last week doing this. one of them at first was interested,but then he found out my age and then he didn't even looked at me. then I went up to him,talked, he was a bit flirty too, then the next thing I know is that we kiss. I told him that he's really hot and turns me on.

so,what should I do if I want a decent relationship soon? the first method didn't really seem to work.


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  • I don't know where you learned to ignore someone you like or if they like you. That will send the message that you're not interested and they may still like you but they'll pursue someone they think they have a chance with.

    What you're doing now seems right. As a girl it's completely OK to go up to a guy and flirt HARD. I think guys never actually make the first move. It's always the girl who gives off the right signals that a guy responds to (mostly).

    Didn't you have fun though doing what you did? You got to make out with guys, you met more of them and got more numbers. More girls should be like you, have fun and don't be afraid to get too close. Just make sure he doesn't have a girlfriend there!

    If you had told me "you're hot and you turn me on" I would probably take you back to my car and pull it out for you. If you're flirting at that level and you turn me on, I'd show you what just happened in my pants, or at least let you feel it ;)

    Don't make yourself seem desperate and be careful because most girls don't have the courage to do what you did so they will accuse you of being a "slut" to keep you down. Girls hate competition.

    • my friends were there and they held me back,i couldn't do more than kissing. but this strategy is only good for one night,isnt it? and, if I show I don't care they want me more. I want guys who score 8-10/10, so I can't be just one of the girls who fancy them.

  • flirting isn't something quick that can happen in one night. in order for flirting to lead to more, it has to be over a period of time. like once in a while, text him or call him and just banter for a little, but keep it light and throw in some compliments but keep it light and subtle.


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