Is it too soon to meet him?

So, I'd started talking to this guy online -- we're from the same city. He's the same age as me. I'd found him on Facebook and it turns out we have some mutual friends. They're not people I talk to very often, but I still know them. We've been talking for about two weeks now, and he's asked to hang out. Do you think it's too soon? How do you feel about meeting people who you've met online?


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  • I've met plenty of people from online. It's just like meeting people the old fashioned way. I see absolutely zero reason to hold off meeting this guy in person.


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  • Go ahead and meet up with him :) As long as it's in a public place, before 6pm and you let a few people know where you're going to be and who with you're fine :D I've met a few people online and then met them in person. I'll admit it's slighlty nerve wracking at first but eventually you calm down. Lol I've actually met and dated a few lovely guys I met online and they weren't creeps. Yet I was very careful still.

    I don't see why you shouldn't meet up :P Go for it and be confident!

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