My Girlfriend wants to hang out less

To Start things off, she's a single mother. 8 years older then me.

Neither of thoes bother me, I'm in love with her and her son...

First month was wonderful. Hung out often, then I got to know her son after. And things were doing great. He was a little confused but after a few weeks grew to me. he's 3 years old. And now, she's growing distant. Started with not wanting me near him. And then things were fine. But now, she stopped wanting to hang out after his bed time. says its cause she wants to sleep. And that she needs her alone time. we love each other.. but now she's saying the one thing that will keep us together is being apart. Diddnt want to see me today. yesterday I was at the gym and after, I asked if she wanted to hang out, she said a hour after that she was watching a movie. been like this for about two weeks now. I never get that cuddle time anymore. And we dont, you know.. anymore .is this somthing that sounds like she's removing me from her life or. should I just wait it out. I keep hearing things should be getting better. easier, but with time it seems like its only getting worse...


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  • Doesn't sound good homie.. :/ its normal to want your own space but that's usually implemented in the beginning of the dating process. But try to relax about it and let the chips fall where they may and don't and push for a results or a positive "like it used to be" sort of ending. When someone pulls away from someone that they were close with or whatever, and the other person starts chasing them and asking to many questions or trying to hard, it really only drives the person to want to retreat more. Sounds like she's on the fence but just do your best to relax, take this time for your self and trust either her or that your going to be fine either way this ends. And hopefully when your attitude and the way you carry your self portrays that, she will see that and think differently about why she ever needed space from you in the first place.

  • By the way you have a explained the story, it sounds like yo might have been a little needy/clingy and came on way too strong, way too fast. She is older than you and has a life with a son. She can't be neglect all of that to make you her world like a lot of people do when they are younger and have nothing holding them back.

    When someone says they need their own time or need to be apart. They are either unsure, feel smothered and debating if they should stay or go or trying to let you down easily...even though it ends up hurting worse.

    The only answer is to leave her alone and let her come to you on her own terms. She'll respect that you gave her the time and if any of the above is true it will give her time to relax.

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