Dating or Hanging out: Which is it?

So I was talking to a young lady I know and I really just ran out of things to say so I asked when we were gonna hang out again and she responded with "hopefully soon" and then proceeded to give me times when it was convenient for her. I really wasn't expecting to actually set a time or anything but we did almost immediately. Something was happening with her every other day that kind of forced us to say Friday evening. The only thing is, is that I don't think we're going somewhere all that date-like as it's a slower fast-food place: you know where you still wait and can sit and talk some (like one step up from MickyDs). She chose the place. I plan to pay for her when we go but this hasn't been discussed. So I was wondering if you all out there think she thinks this is a date or are we just hanging out.

I should have pointed out earlier that although we are going to a fast-food type place, in our town it really is one of the nicest places (sad really, I know).
Should I just out and out ASK "Is this a date?" or would that be a bad thing to do?


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  • Depends. Where were you talking to her and how long have you known her? If you have known her for ages and you guys always chat and hang out then its probably just hanging out. If you were already in a date-like situation to begin with, then she probably thinks its another date.

    • I've known her for some time but we hardly ever spoke at length before. And again, the hanging out thing is new.

  • Well, if you're intending to pay for her then I would say it's probably a date. Unless the two of you hang out a lot already and switch off paying for each other and stuff like that.

    • Nah. The hanging out part is new to us. We did hang out about a week or so ago but it was because we needed to do talk about curch stuff... or that's the reason she gave. This time we're just... being together.

    • Then it definitely sounds like date situation to me.

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