Texting another girls boyfriend?

Okay so I know this guy and this girl who are dating. Well Recently I've hung out with them twice (the girl the boy and a mutual friend of ours who is really good friends with the girl but knew me first) . The second time was at our church for a camping kinda get together thingy (we're all in youth group together) and so at first I hung out with those three then would go hang out with other people then back with them and so on. Well when it was getting late 10:30 ish our mutual friend left. So I was hanging out with the girl and guy. We were sitting outside talking then they went inside so I didn't want to intrude on their couple thing so I stayed outside talking to some other people. Well then I had to go to the bathroom so I went inside and he waved at me but I Just walked past to the bathroom. Then on the way back I saw them in this like hallway thing and he was in a wheelchair playing around so I was standing there laughing and after a little bit his girlfriend was like oh I need to go now. SO they were saying good bye so I like turned my back to let them do their couple thing then they were going to go outside to walk her to her car and I was going to stay in but he was like "you can come with us" so I walked out with them and just kinda stood around while he talked to her family and her. Then she asked when he was going to leave and he was like in just a little bit. Well then she left and he started talking to me, we had to move under a street lamp because they were cleaning the sidewalk and we were talking a lot and at one point when we were still standing up he was like "our birthdays are close we both might be allergic to hay (and something else I can't remember) man we have so much in common" then he asked if I wanted to sit down and I was like okay so we ended up sitting down and talking for over a hour he was asking me a lot of questions and would ask if I had questions for him and stuff then at one point he asked for my number so I gave it to him and he when we left he was like I'm not sure when I'll see you so I guess I'll see you when I see you and text you. Well he didn't text me and I was like okay maybe he just doesn't text that much. Then two night ago I posted a picture he took with my camera on fb and was making fun of his photography skill and he wrote on the picture making fun of himself and said "dude text mee zomgg" but since I only gave him my number I don't have his so I was like you never texted me so I don't have your number. Well he hardly goes on fb so he never wrote back. But I think that means he must have texted me but recently I've been giving people the wrong number by accident so maybe I gave him the wrong number. It was really fun talking to him and I do like him, obviously I would never do anything because he has a girlfriend (who is kinda my friend) But I would still love to be his friend. Should I take his number off FB or fb message him to ask what number I gave him?Or should I just let whatever happens happens

This was suppose to be under other not flirting. My intentions are only to be friends with him.


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  • I guess it depends on what the intentions are. Some men & women are friends, so it might be natural to text each other. But women could just be trying to steal your man, so watch out for them.


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  • whatever happens, happens. as long as you don't flirt.


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  • Stay away from him...bad sign he has a girlfriend look for a single guy HELLO!

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