Girls: Weird question about FB, but when you date a guy...

If you were previously friends with a guy (all in real life) and often commented on his FB page (and vice versa), but the two of you started to date, is there a point as things became more serious where you don't feel like you need or want to comment on his page as much (or that he needs to comment on yours)? Is this something you would move away from as a couple?

And that said, do you still visit his page often, and if so, for what reason?


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  • My Boyfriend doesn't have a Facebook but if he did I def would comment on his page. You send texts in the middle of the day why not fbook each other too? It doesn't have to be obsessive but it reminds everyone (in a sense) that person is called for. I would think it would be cute for my man to comment on my page. It shows confidence :) I would also visit his page. Fbook is a communication device and people you haven't talked to in forever can find you. If you both know what's going on in each others lives, including what's said on fbook, it could be a possibility for less problems in the future.

  • Yes this does happen quite a bit. OK let me explain because it goes both ways. The comments do kind of dwindle away. It's just that sometimes we start to take what we have for granted and believeing that it will always be there. Even if that relationship lasts forever you never take each other for granted. That has been a hard lesson that I have learned over the years. Yes sometimes if I am far away from my boyfriend... I will go and look at his pictures only because I miss him.


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