Can You be In Love With Someone You Have Never Dated and Haven't Seen in Years?

An old friend from my past has gotten back in touch. We never dated, but were once great friends. Now, when I see his name, I get butterflies in my stomach. He's the first thing I think about when I wake up and my last thought before I go to sleep. I'm not a spring chicken anymore, but I sure feel like a teen-aged girl smitten for the first time. The only "problem" is: We haven't seen each other in decades, neither of us has confessed to feeling anything more than friendship, we only correspond by email (though frequently), and are planning to meet for dinner soon. (We live in different states.) Am I nuts or could this be love? Sure feels like love, but really?... Anyone else ever experienced something like this?


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  • There was this girl I use to know that I lost touch with, we both liked each other a lot but never really got a chance to date. Then it became this system of she was dating somone then broke up and then I was dating somone. It was just a cycle of us never getting together. Well we lost touch and I only see her every year or two passing by. She got married and I still get that same feeling every time I see her. We never got a chance to date but I still had feelings for her for years and even now to an extent. Seeing as I may have experienced my own version of "the one that got away", I would recommend that you at least persue it, even if it just stays as a friendship you do not want that "what if."

    • ...and if anything should happen in her marriage that causes it to end in divorce, will you make an attempt with her?

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