If one of your good friends tells you he likes hanging out with you?

If one of your good friends tells you he likes hanging out with you and you're sweet, and pretty, and smart, but he'd rather we not date because I wouldn't be his friend anymore...what is the reason exactly. I just feel like it's me, I will always be his friend, as cheesy as that sounds, I mean it. I wouldn't do anything to hurt him, and I'd be his friend first and before anything and what was best for him. Is it because I'm friend zoned and he doesn't see me that way, or is it he's just scared of losing me as a friend, or just not interested and letting me down easy? I know I'm probably over-thinking it and need to let it go, because as long as he's happy, I'm happy for him...part of me does wish it could be me though. I guess what I'm trying to say is, is there any point in me hanging on or should I distance myself and just be there when he needs/ask me to be?


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  • You're friend zoned. He may know you are great and pretty and all but just not feel that spark. I am sorry it happens to the best of us you will find someone who really cares for you and wants to date you

    • that's what I was afraid of, but I guess I just needed to hear it. thank you