Starting to grow feelings for a guy, advice?

There has been this guy that I have known since elementary school. Lately I have started to go feelings for him. He is sweet and caring and so different from other guys. I think that's what attracts me the most to him. He is like the guy that I would dream of dating. However I don't think that he likes me. I have made an attempt to try to talk to him more but I think he thinks of me just as his friend. This is not unusual because basically all guys that I have liked in high school have not liked me back. Its starting to get a little discouraging because I feel like I haven't been pushing the whole relationship thing. I know that if it was meant for me to be in love and have a boyfriend then it will happen. But sometimes I feel like I can't just wait around and expect a guy to talk to me. At this point I don't know what's the best thing to do. I'm starting to get to the point where I don't want to have a relationship because I'm slowly getting to a point where I don't care. Any advice?


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  • You might be trying too hard. I'd actually have to probably watch how you interact to know what you are doing wrong. Getting a guy for a girl might be counter-intuitive to what you might think. A lot of girls think oh if I talk a lot and be really outgoing then guys will ask me out. That's not necessarily true. Guys want to feel safe with a girl. Reputation is important to a guy and the worst nightmare scenario for a guy is a girl who will make fun of him. Seriously, this is the nightmare for the majority of guys. They won't admit it probably but it is. I've actually turned down a girl to her face because she just was all over the place with her mouth, you never knew what she'd say next and I didn't trust her not to back stab me later on. I'm not saying this is what you are doing but it's something to think about. No guys are asking you out at all? Guys are always looking for a girl so if you aren't getting asked out at all then I think there is something that you are doing wrong. Either you need to lose weight or you need to change your personality. Probably one or the other or both. Don't be aggressive. Be sweet. Be compassionate. Be understanding. Be supportive (especially of anything the guy might like or enjoy). Guys love women who are supportive. Be loving. And you'll get a good guy eventually. He'll see it and jump at the chance to be with you. It's kind of counter-intuitive though to the prevailing ideas that are being passed around these days. Don't believe what you see in the media about how women should behave. It's not true.

    • I'm very skinny actually. And the guy thinks that I am sweet. Most people tend to think that I am too sweet. I'm not loud and most people tend to trust me because they know that I don't run and tell everything that they have told me. People hold conversations that are really personal when I'm around and know that I won't say anything. People tend to question why I don't have a boyfriend because I seem like the kind of girl that guys would like

    • well, if you really are under 18 then you've only just gotten started on your dating life. Give it time, I bet you'll get asked out pretty soon. Maybe the best thing is to find a circle of friends that has guys in it. A lot of times, I think girls have a circle of friends that includes only girls. I think if guys see you outside of school, they'll consider you for a girlfriend. Guys sometimes need a way of making a connection with you and being in the same circle of friends is good way

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