Add someone, you were flirting with on the bus, on fb?

as soon as I walked in, I saw him looking at me and he didn't stop. I looked back at him a couple of times and at one point I was like 'oh what the hell' and I gave him a little smile. we kept on looking at each other and after a few seconds one of us would look away and back up again. when I thought it wasn't going anywhere and I was doing all the work and probably making a fool out of myself, he smiled at me and made sure I knew he was flirting back.

i was impressed by this guy because he seems like a really nice guy and he's just adorable. I found his profile on Facebook and now I'm just wondering - do I forget about this or is it okay to send him a message asking if he really is the guy I saw on the bus or is contact in any way a no no?


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  • i was working once, and this guy was flirting with me, and he asked for my Facebook and I gave it to him but then it was like a week later and he wanted my number, so I gave it to him, and he won't shut up! he wants to know what I'm doing all the time, he texts me over and over if I don't answer, he asks me when I'm gonna work next, but I'm to nice to be like "stop texting me" but its starting to creep me out, I'm gonna block him soon. Just a quick story I thought id share : )

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