Would you date a bald guy with a shaved head given like his face and body? Girl aged 20-25.

as physical traits? I know his personality plays a larger part but looks-wise and first attraction, would you consider dating him or as a friend?


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  • Totally. I find guys with a shaved head supper attractive and a turn on. they seem so rich for some reason :D but anyways that is just me.

    They seem like they could give me a very pleasurable sex for some reason.

    not saying I've ever had sex before. it just feels like it.

    they also look very strong.

    • Thanks :) I think it has something to do with testosterone levels.

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    • lol, its kinda naughty of you to check out guys at the mosque...Im guessing you are arab :P

    • I'm not checking them out, they just happen to be I my sight since men usually sit IN FRONT of women :D at the mosque.

      nope I'm of Iranian heritage.

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  • Uhh...some bald guys look pretty FINE! Haha. If there was chemistry and we hit it off, why not? Also, why not if you were overweight or underweight or lanky or pimply? It could go on...having a shaved head is hardly the worst or most unique of physical features.

    • thats pretty rad, I'm actually visiting Canada in a couple of weeks and we are at around the same age, wanna hook up? lol joking

    • uhhh I'm from Canada but I don't live there. I'm across the ocean currently.

  • No.

    I don't date bald guys & I don't have bald guys as friends.

  • Yeah, I think bald guys can look pretty sexy.

    One of my girlfriends literally checks out all the bald guys, she thinks it's so hot. :)

    • :)

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    • Hhahahaha I will! :)

    • girls like who who think they can look sexy are themselves sexy

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