Advice on dating this guy from a website?

So okay I joined a dating website because an ad had popped up on another website I was on and thought 'why the hell not' so I joined. My thoughts were well I can just see who lives in my area and if I know them and stuff and wasn't really taking it seriously...Since I have never even considered online dating. Then this one kid who is 2 years older than me (I mean me being 19 and him 21), starting having a conversation with me and we messaged each other for like an hour and I told him I had to go so he gave me his number so I could text him. The next day I texted him and we texted for a long time. And this has been going on for a few days now. If you read the messages you could definitely tell he likes me and he's really cute and flirtatious. He seems nice and seems serious that he wants to have a relationship (thats what his profile said). Now he wants to meet me and/or take me out for dinner and I want to meet him too BUT even though we have texted and stuff, I really don't know anything about him and not sure if I should meet him...I mean he has a ton of pics on his profile and so I think he is who he says he is...i just don't know...

So could you guys give me advice? Do you think I should meet him? If no, why? and if yes, why? Where and what should we do/go?

Also, how do you feel about online dating? Pathetic or its fine?


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  • Sure, meet him. BUT do it in a public place the first two times and don't go anywhere private until your gut tells you everything is on the level.

    Online dating isn't pathetic, but people can be extraordinary cold about it. People act like it's just shopping online so they act one way one second and then completely drop you the next. My advice is to keep your expectations very, very low.

    I recommend meeting for coffee and then going to a bar if you get a good vibe. Dinner would be a good second date.

    • Well I can't drink yet so bar would be out and I don't drink coffee but hell I could get a smoothie and him coffee whatever xD

      And thank you for the advice :)

      And what do you mean by keep your expectations low?

    • Don't expect that he's the guy that you have in mind exactly. Remember that you haven't really met him yet but our minds can't help but put together this image of the person. If you go there expecting him to be 100% of the image you have in your mind, you're bound to be disappointed. Also it's emotional. Don't expect that he's going to be your boyfriend just because he talks about wanting a relationship or talks about planning things. Online dating is very, very flaky.

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