Legal issues.

How stressed would you be if:

- You've been dealing with serious legal issues, court and lawyer fees, being near broke because of fees, and you've been assigned over 200 hours of community service?

- You've been dealing with it for the past EIGHT MONTHS.

-Your final court date is coming up in 3 days.

The guy I like has been going through this. This is the first time he's ever been in trouble, he tried to outrun a cop in a car that he spent over a year working on (he LOVED this car) and he ended up running into the cop car and totalling the car. plus getting all sorts of charges, including a felony charge that he can't get exponged from his record.

He just turned 20 in March. All this stuff happened in April.

He's been really unresponsive and cold lately. Not just to me, but to his other friends.

Is it because of this stress? Will it be better after he has his last court date?

Has anyone had experience with anything like this?


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  • Wow. Think about all that has gone through his life lately. He is just trying to figure his life out and keeping a total detachment from the present reality. It's like a psychological safety mechanism he is using. Of course it's because of all these. If he loved you before all this he still loves you but it would take a long time before he gets back to his former self. Actually not before he finds out what to do with his life, now that he is a felon.

  • I have a friend who got charged with possession of weed and a DUI. He had to pay about 3000 dollars in fines and had a lot of community service. He also had to take drug education classes, and he found those classes somewhat amusing, because obviously everyone in there was there because of drug charges, and the students were correcting the teacher about drug facts, because they knew more than the teacher (from actual experience with drugs).

    He didn't get depressed over it. His attitude was "Eh, whatever."


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