I haven't heard from him for 2 days...Is is over?

how long do men stay in caves for? we had a big fight and I have not heard from him since. I texted him a few times yesterday morning and got no reply...saying how sorry I was and that we needed to talk...our status as being in a relationship has not changed on fb.

i accidentally called him yesterday afternoon when I had a girlfriend here. he picked up and listened in for a while..

are these good signs or is it over?

why won't he contact me?


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  • Depending on what the fight is about, I'll go several days without talking to a girl. Sometimes the topic is so stupid, so irrational and annoying that I just need to go do other things before I can even entertain the idea that I could have a rational discussion with her. Otherwise, I get extremely sarcastic and women can't handle that.

    • Seriously, you'll give the silent treatment at your age? I just never understood that at all. Where does that ever get anyone?

    • I just said I do it to avoid saying sarcastic and hurtful things. I'm happy to talk after a fight but women aren't up to handling my emotions, so I wait until they're luke warm and won't make things worse. Women say they don't want the silent treatment, and then they b*tch when you tell them what you're actually thinking. Wait until you've dated a woman until you comment on what I do "at my age".

  • Pitiful how you look to Facebook to see if it's game or not

    Sounds like you've got an unhappy chappy, sulking or is it genuinely your fault?

    • in my opinion it always takes two to fight, and generally over needing to exprerss something they feel hasn't been heard in the relationship. We all say and do stupid things in the heat of an argument and therefore I think its up to both poarties to play a role in the after fight discussion. when yhou have alrerady put yourself out there with a massive apology, nd he decides to just not come home or communicate, it becomes very hard to stay sorrowful and you begin to feel angry via disrespect.

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