Please let me know how I did after 2nd date...


I'm kind of unsure after the second date I had with this girl I really like.

First date: We live 40 miles apart. I took the train and met up with her at starbucks.We talked for 2 and a half hours and it was great!

I message her two days later expressing the fact that I had a good time. She replied and said that "it was really great spending time together". I arranged the date this time in my city, 4 days later.

Second date: She arrives. I go to the train station after her. A couple minutes late. I tell her that we might meet another couple (friend +gf) after dinner for drinks. MY friend calls me and I --stupidly(?)--ask him to join us. I ask the girl if she's ok and she says no problem. We went to a CHIC italian restaurant and I covered everything.However, my friend is very outspoken and is the type that has "drunk stories from different countries" and he practically had the microphone in his hand for 80% of the time. Nonetheless, my girl laughed and after being asked later, she found him to be "quite interesting".

We say bye to the couple and I take the girl to the train station. I ask her to msg me when she gets home. An hours later she does and says "hope to see you soon and good night".

I called her the next day (today) at 6 pm and another time at 7 pm. No response.

Im usually very confident and a "playa" as some would say, but I'm kinda going paranoid because I REALLY don't wanna mess this one up. She's BEAUTIFUL, half French, half German. VERY polite and wealthy. Please give me input. What should I do next?


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  • I would wait a couple of days. Don't keep texting or you will look desperate. When you know a good day that you can go see her, text her and say something like, "I am coming your way, let's do dinner and a movie" or something whatever you want to do. If you still don't get a response, you will probably have to let it go. IF that becomes the case, after a couple of months or so you can try one more time, and if you still don't get a response, you know def she is not interested. Saying she hopes to see you soon is not something someone would say if they did not want to see you again. If I am out on a date and I know I don't want to see the person again, I simply just say thank you, I had a nice night or whatever, but NEVER hope to see you soon. I certainly would not want to encourage someone if I don't want to see them again.

    • Thank you for your response! Unfortunately, I think I made another mistake! I called her again at 5pm and THEN I sent a msg saying that "I've been calling you since last starting to get worried...hit me back asap" NO response. I've never panicked for a girl before and trust me I've been with very high profile ones! I don't know, maybe its because I really like her! But one thing is sure! No more calling or texting!

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  • Ask her out again given a chance and it should be just the 2 of you for now. Not until you are very comfortable with each other.


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  • well, start by giving yourself a pat on the back, sounds likethings are going your way. if she isn't picking up her phone, it could be all sorts of reasons. I think you are (as I often do myself) putting too much pressure on yourself and you're trying to figure out what it means by her not answering the phone. I would text her, say you tried calling and setup a third date. I think you should also just try be yourself, and you're good enough just being you. when you start getting nerous, just remind youself about that. that usally helps me. good luck!

    • Thanks a lot for your help...I feel ridculous coming online and talking about this but I thank you guys a lot...I guess people get insecure once in a while...I mean maybe her phone's broke?? I don't know, I don't wanna be stupidly optimistic.

  • I would say don't stress it too much. If she said "hope to see you soon and good night" that means she wants to see you again. Now I'm kind off confused about your friend calling he a friend that wanted to meet with you apart from the couple that was going to meet with you?

    Personally I would go on the first few dates alone with her, to give her complete undivided attention, then later a few dates later bring go on a double date. Just take it easy don't too stressed out over it cause then you'll be messing up. Send her a txt message just say "hi" and then if an within a day or two she doesn't reply well.try to talk to her in person.but I wouldn't worry about it.i've been in the same spot. take it easy and good luck!

    • Thanks for the answer...I had asked my friend and girlfriend to come join us for DRINKS...But he ended coming with his--blond--girlfriend to dinner. I think double dating was a mistake. I have to destress...Thanks again, I'll keep you guys posted.