I need an advice for an online dating/hookup/relationships

I don't want to use dating sites since I do not like to sell out my picture on the internet. I would rather send my picture through an email or some sort. I've tried craigslist few times over the years but never worked for me...I never actually met anyone through craigslist.

Any advise please?


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  • Try a site like POF. Craigslist is for so many things other than dating that it kind of loses it's purpose for that. People won't take it as seriously. POF is just a dating site. So you will find people who are actually looking for what you are looking for. I know you don't want to put up a picture, but often when I have used it I overlook the ones without a pic. Just because it makes me think the person has not put a lot of time and effort into the profile. Plus, I don't know what the person looks like so how do I know they aren't just sending me fake pics? I know people can put up fake pictures anyway but it makes the profile seem more legit.

    Also, don't expect a lot of messages. You have to do a lot of foot work if you are going to be using online dating. I have had to meet many people to get any results. I have met my last two bf's on POF and I have found it to be a great experience. You will have stupid people who either don't reply or do not meet up with you. You just have to realize that those people are not serious about finding someone.

    I have actually sent out messages, so unless a girl is serious, she may not send them to you. Doesn't hurt to just send some out though. I know it can be frustrating if the girls do not reply back, but don't get bitter about it. It's just part of life, we don't get every person we hit on right? And if you are going to send out messages, make them legit messages, no "Hey, how are u?" That is not a real message. A real message is "Hey, my name is Jonathen. I am 23 years old and I live in Boston. I love to go hiking, mountain climbing and chillen at my cottage. I recently travelled to Chile. It was great, I met a lot of cool people in my travels and ate some pretty amazing food.

    I noticed that you also like hiking, been to any interesting places recently? My favorite place to go hiking is in the forests of BC. They are so beautiful. Anyways, enough about me. What is your favorite type of music? Where would you love to go on vacation sometime? And if you could travel back in time, what time period would you go to and why?

    Sorry about the questions, but I just thought it would be interesting to know a little bit more about you. Hope to hear from you soon!

    Cheers! "

    That's a good example of a message to send. And no its not an actual message I got, I just made it up :P But something like that is a good way to show you are actually serious about finding someone on the site. It does take time, It took about 6 months for me to find someone, but it's worth the effort. :)


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  • If you're relatively good looking then you can meet a lot of women online over time. But my experience and a lot of guys I've talked to is that those girls usually aren't relationship material. They are just guy shopping, sampling. Keep low expectations and expect a lot of flaky BS, even moreso than normal with women.