I am a Muslim dating a Christian guy, advice?

Hi. I am a Muslim girl who has been dating a Christian guy for 3 months total. I want to know if he is serious or not. He is a Methodist Christian so I don't know if that makes a difference. He says he is not religious but his parents are. He goes to Church every Sunday though. Any info or things I should keep in mind would be greatly appreciated.


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  • hey hun my advice to you here is that 3mths ain't so long even if you feel different. to really understand sum1 you need to know dem for a while I say take it easy and slowly. the fact that you wrote on gag tells me your doubting he's sincerity for a reason. the thing abt guys are that they enter a relationship firstly due to having a physical attraction towards u. don't base your judgement on that becos guys can find many girls physically attractive but what makes dem stay is weder they click wid you mentally, emotionally, physically and spritually. don't give yourself way too much too quickly, enjoy bein pleased by him and den slowly open up to him and he ll do der same. through dis you can decide on wder he's serious or not and weder you really like him as well and it ain't just a phase.

    i dnt know what you meant by the fact that your Muslim and he's christian but if you want to elaborate on that I mayb of help

    goodluck and I hope I helped.


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  • You are dating a guy of another religion 0_o, isn't that only allowed by Muslim guys to date out of the religion not the girls?

    • no its not...he knows he would have to convert but he says he's not that religious. A lot of guys convert without being really into the religion so parents would approve...

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    • Saudi Arabian Muslims are very strict and so are a lot of the ethnicities in the UK. As long as he converts before marriage, parents would approve..

    • well good luck, are you really happy with a guy who doesn't care for any religion (because he doesn't seem to care for being a christian) to be a Muslim...?

  • One word of advice comming from an Essene Jew? = DON`T, it is doomed to fail.

    WHY? it`s haram, ZINA...

    I`ll share you a little story of experience here: Been there, done that lady! She called herself an Arabic ROoted, Moroccan Agnostic thinking, Islamic brought up girl. And me? Just your Jew that keeps the commandments and follows in the footsteps of his master Y`shua (Isa). ANd it all went well, because I had my educational background concerning EL ISLAM, but... one day, actually just one night when I was in my bed, she shot me down with a text stating that my point of view concerning the prophet ISA was soooooooo wrong and I should rethink and rebuild my faith as an believer, on what I based it upon ;0 what is this? So all of a sudden I am a kuffary bad buy, although we had chemistry, shared mutual interests and even were intimate?

    so, what does it tell you? some things MIGHT become AN ISSUE later in time... you can't EXclude that, that`s reality. I love her, loved her, still do... but she was just so upset and dissapointed in me that I blew up the whole relationship? should that even be a reason? Not that agnostic anymore I guess... :-) Hope I helped some. Shalom Aleichem aka Salaam Aleikum to you Sister, lot`s of love and respect, and you know what they say Insha`Allah, if it is God`s will


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  • you know my dear, this is the wrong website to ask this kind of question.

    But I say if you see a future with him, then continue to date him just don't let things get outta hand.

    Nobody needs to know who you are dating.

    If you are dating him with the intention of wanting to get married, it's fine. you are allowed. just make sure he converts to islam . (Islam as in the sense he has surrendered to God.)

    don't listen to the a**holes who leave you f***ed up comments.


    • I think you missed to read what I meant by Islam.

      she could convert to what ever she wants. there is nothing forcing her to become something else. It's non of anyone's business . it hers and her God's.

  • I'm Muslim but maybe not really expert in dating experience.. I just can't give my opinion because I'm not really good in advising. I guess he isn't serious, because, if he's serious, he will think further about the different faith, because most of different religious couple relationship won't work. Well, whether he's serious or not, as a Muslim, I guess you better find another Muslim guy for serious dating.

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