Texting people on the internet. Help!!

I met this guy on the internet around November of 2010, we exchanged numbers, and then I stopped texting him for about 3 months because he was extremely annoying, texted me way too much and wanted to know what I was doing 24/7, preached his religion to me and the first day we talked he told me he loved me and so did God. I recently started texting him again because I thought I might as well give him another chance. He said he knows he acted crazy when we first started talking but he's changed.

I must say, he hasn't changed much at all if any. He has probably said he won't ever act that way again but he has done it again multiple times! He always tells me I'm really nice and yesterday he asked me what my motive is behind being nice. I don't really have one so that's what I told him and he went on this huge rant about how I'm not caring and that my friends should matter a lot to me and how he's afraid to lose me. He said he can't even imagine me not being his friend because I am his "truest friend" he has ever had. He's creeping me out by saying all of this.Every subject we talk about turns into me not wanting to talk to him because I'll get tired of him one day. He's always negative and depressed and I can't stand it! I don't know how to tell him I think we should stop talking.

Poll Q: Would this creep you out too?

Has anyone else been in a similar situation? What did you do?

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This guy has also said that he doesn't like when I talk to other guys. Which makes it even stranger because it makes me think he thinks we're in a relationship! Ugh.


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  • Wow, sounds really negative and depressed and I can see why you would be creeped out. I personally hate it when people try to push things on me, and that seems to be what he is doing. You haven't even made any promises of being anything to him, and he has already labelled you his "truest friend". Seems kind of sad and obsessive to me.

    I have actually been in a similar situation. I was on a dating site and this guy added me and we started talking. He did a lot of this stuff too, basically acting like we were in a relationship when I had only talked to him once :/

    It wasn't that I don't want a caring guy, but honestly he was being quite obsessive. I want to know someone before I date them, and not feel forced into things because they want it so bad. It turned me off completely and I ended up just telling him I was no longer going to talk to him anymore because of it. I had warned him before and he still did it. So I had to cut all ties. I think that is what you need to do. You have told him already how it made you feel, and he keeps pushing. You have a right to tell him how you feel and that he hasn't changed. He is being overly obsessive and pushing you away with his negativity. Tell him that.

    He will probably get really upset and even lash out at you. I would just ignore all the crap he sends you. The only person he can blame is himself, he knows his behavior is wrong but continues to do it. You have already told him it made you uncomfortable, and he should have realized that :S


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  • Yeah you got yourself a creeper. Stop responding, and every message you get from him from here on out, just delete. You don't even need to read them. In fact, its probably better you don't, because he'll probably get really mean.

  • Guy sounds like a total creep. I'd just stop texting him back until he leaves you alone.


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  • Yes, I would be creeped out, too. He sounds really insecure. Tell him you're sorry, but he's really overbearing and needs to work on his issues, and then call your service provider and have his number blocked. Unless you feel he will actually stop texting you if you just don't respond. But yeah, good luck. :/

  • I don't throw around the word "creep" often, but he definitely is one. And a clinger. Stop talking to him. If there's a way you can block his number, do it, because it'll be much easier for you to ignore him if you don't even see what he says. He'll make you feel bad and manipulate you into replying.

    I knew this one guy... he got way too attached to me in a bad way. When he started sending me sexually graphic emails and saying bad things about my boyfriend, I stopped talking to him. He was persistent for a while, but eventually moved on. You gotta do what you gotta do :P

    • Yeah, he already makes me feel bad about some things. He tells me that he would be lost if we stopped talking and depressed and stuff like that and it's like... aaah!

  • thats creepy

    but if someone I like texts me then I don't mind I'l get extra happy but someone I'm not interested in is a bit of a bother