Why did she really end our dating?

I met this girl on a dating site back in April, we hit it off. I really liked her. We saw each other every weekend and she spent my days off with me when she had the chance. She asked if she was my girlfriend after 3 months? wow really? OK this is a dating site the purpose is to date. Granted we stared to have sex (a lot of great sex) and yes I might have initiated it, we were sexually compatible OK, she should have known that I met her on a dating site, and I was still active on the site. Then recently she ended it because she said she was falling for me, huh? let me repeat we met on a dating site.

She said she didn't want to be used for sex. OK then why did she go along with it for so long then? I don't fully understand female's. So then she tells me how this is not what she wants, she wanted invest in to a relationship that's going to grow. but then why end it if the sex was so good. And why the tears when she was ending it? I was angry for all of this I didn't lead her on, but I'm the bad guy?


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  • Being on a 'dating' site doesn't mean that you're not looking for a relationship. My situation has some similar occurances to your, but I was willing to curtail or stop the sex to focus on building a LTR. But for me, I'd fallen in love with her.

    I believe that two can have sex and build a LTR at the same time. (Granting, others may disagree.) It sounds, to me, like you were not making any progress on building the non-sexual part of your relationship with her. And that's what she wanted.

    • Thanks man. My intention was not to hurt this girl, she's great I just don't feel the emotional attachment. I think I sorta see her point of view.

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  • Your taking 'dating' site too literally! Yes it's a dating site, to help you meet new people to date and if you hit it off then most people on there would assume a relationship is the next step.

    She slept with you because she liked you and thought things were going somewhere, asking about exclusivity 3 months in is totally fair.

    She is acting normally and she wants a relationship, you don't, so she dumped you, so sounds fair to me!

    Your too old to be talking so immaturely.

    • I'm blindsided I nver said I didn't like her. Eh it was a relationship none the less. I thought we were good friends, not the traditional sense. I felt it was working and why ruin what we had.

  • Wow... seriously remind me to stay off of dating sites. You know what you are being mean just saying. I am straightforward and truthful. Do you let her know that it was just friendly dating because we aren't mind readers and some people join dating sites to actually met a potential partner in life to have a relationship with. You should step back because if I were in her shoes and I was looking for a serious relationship this wouldn't have made it even that far. I would feel the same way she does used.


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  • Man how old are you arnt you a bit old to a/ways be chasing tail don't you wamt to settle? She wanted to cause she is smart and looking for a long term thing before she ends up too old and all alone. She probably wants a family ever think about that?

  • Is this a serious question?

    Look, the purpose of a dating site is not to just meet sexual partners (unless you fall for something like adult friend finder, etc). Most people on dating sites want to date and find a relationship. Unless you stated in the very beginning before anything happened between you two that you had interest in a relationship then yeah you're the bad guy. It's not unreasonable at all for her to ask after 3 months of dating if you are bf/gf.

    If you just want sex that's fine, you're entitled to live your life how you want. However, I would strongly suggest you tell future "dates" what you want in the very beginning. It will save you from dealing with this and save your "dates" from getting used.

    • Ok fair but to me if you meet someone on a dating site you do date, and sex is part of it. I told her we are dating and I at no time did lead her on, maybe I should have told her that this will never advance. The point is that my profile says not seeking long term but dating.

    • Yes people understand that sex is part of dating. However, most people would agree that dating for 3 months like in your case would constitute a relationship. In the future, tell the girl in the beginning that you don't want a girlfriend or anything serious, ever.

  • if she's your age or in the lat 20s then girls that age tend to want to speed a relationship along so they can have kids they don't have time to waste

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