Short-term fling...bad idea?

I recently hooked up with a guy I've been friends with for a long time. I was interested in him years ago and nothing ever ended up happening. We have talked from time to time the past few years but the first time we've seen each other in the past two years was not long ago. That night, we ended up fooling around. We didn't have sex, just made out, a little feeling up, whatever. The down side to this situation is that he's moving in a few weeks for school. Now, I'm not sure where I want this to go. I'd love to hook up with him again and actually have sex, and I know he'd be down too. I've wanted this for years and it would be so awesome to finally get to fool around with him. The only thing holding me back is that he'll be gone in a few weeks, regardless of what happens. The distance is too far so I have no idea when I'll be able to see him again. I don't want to end up getting myself in too deep.

Any advice?


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  • There is that risk, but he's always going to come back for vacation. Thus, have fun with him while you can because you will always wonder what if?

  • well, fooling around with friends is never a good idea in my opinion, but do whatever you think will make you happy


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