Ever since I invited one of my friends to a concert, we've been hanging out more?

I've known this guy forever and we have the type of relationship of which we are best friends, yet don't hang out often. so I invited him to a concert and ever since the concert he has been texting me everyday and will come over unannounced just to hang out...he sends me texts that just seem to be conversation starters and he has been asking me to hang out much more, he also came over one day and set a picture of himself as my wallpaper, I'm not sure what is really going on and I'm sure you have read this a million times on this site but...do you think he likes me, or do you think he feels like he has to "pay me back" for giving him a free concert ticket


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  • umm, I'm pretty sure he likes you if he set your wallpaper to a picture of himself..

    • but then again he is one of those cocky guys, is that the only thing that makes it sound like he likes me?

    • no.. I don't know how to put this... guys that JUST want to be friends don't go out of their way to do this kind of stuff

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