How does dating someone turn into a relationship when work/school gets in the way?

Its so complicated because you can date someone but work and school is constantly getting in the way of seeing each other, therefor you can't ever see each other especially when their main priority's are just as important as the person you really like. So in the end, everything ends up being in the air because you never see each other.

Has this ever happened to you? and what do you do to solve it? it almost seems like bad timing :S


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  • Currently I'm in a position where for me and my boyfriend, our first priority is school and finding a job for after graduation. We go to separate schools about 2 hrs away from each other and our homes are about 5.5 hrs away. It gets hard at times and it sucks when you really want to be with them, but I found that when you really care about someone, you make it work. We've been together about a year and a half and we see each other about once a month. If you both really want to make it work, you'll be fine. As long as you both have the same values, you'll be understanding when the other has a huge project or exam that they need to work on. Our relationship is stronger than ever now that we've really gotten into the swing of things and respect each others' lifetime goals.

    • wow I never thought of it that way, it must make a relationship stronger. patients and understanding is everything.

    • I agree it is but..

    • but.. what?

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  • Ya, it's happening right now. We work together but don't work together. We work at the same place but almost never on the same day. I don't get to see him very much, it sucks. And of course when one of us isn't working the other one is. But in my case, we're not going out... could we? I say yes, you make time for what matters! But he seems to think there's no time. You can't just work all your life! There's more to life. I'd like some advice on how to solve it, too!

    • Omgosh that's just like me and this guy, he thinks that its not the right time to jump into anything but still really likes me.. if he likes me enough he would try to make time and have things work.. -__-

    • Ya, same here..!