Will there be a second date?

So me and this guy had our first date on Friday. It was brilliant. We talked for hours, he told me he likes me, we were watching fireworks when he hugged me and I know he even wanted to kiss (I didn't let him to kiss me but not in a rude way, I just smiled). He mentioned a meeting on the weekend, I said I'm busy the next day but I would really like to go out with him on Sunday. He told me to let him know about the hour. He didn't initiate contact after the meeting so I texted him on Saturday evening when I can meet the next day (the exact hour). He didn't answer. The next day I wrote him again about that and he replied that he is ill and won't be able to meet. Yesterday I asked him if he's feeling better - he replied that a bit but he still isn't well. And today he stays silent although we've both been online on a messenger.

I don't know what's going on as he really showed every sign during the date that he is interested. I must admit he works quite a lot and maybe it's hard to him to find time during the week. I really have to meet him again - I went through a terrible break up with my ex and I know this guy could help me to heal unlike anyone else I've met for months. Should I keep waiting or can I propose another date?


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  • Wait this one out. You've already initiated with him twice, one of which to plan a date. The ball is in his court now. I heard a saying once that women fall in love on the date, and men fall in love after the date. They often need some breathing room to think, wonder, and miss you. You've done your part now let him come to you.

  • I hope you are not using this guy as a rebound guy. That said, it could be that he is really sick and is just sleeping off the whole day. Call him perhaps end of the day to ask if he's feeling better, how he is etc rather than ask for a date. I think he'd be more appreciative of your concern rather than being more interested in a date with him. Calling is also good because you can judge his tone in the conversation rather than text that hard is to tell emotion. Depending on how sincere he sound and how badly sick he is, you can offer to visit him. I think it is good to first give the benefit of doubt and decide later if it turns out otherwise.

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