He doesn't act like he cares?

So this guy has been my friend for a year and now were dating but when we talk on the phone he doesn't seem to care or treat me like the other girls because he's dated my friend before and I would be there when they would talk and he just treated her so much nicer and he cared so much more. same when he had a crush on this other girl but after they both broke his heart and I'm pretty sure he's over it he I don't know seems like he doesn't really care he doesn't treat me like them. I mean he treats me good but...its just not what I really expected. Am I looking to far into this should I try planning something to get closer to him? What should I do! This is driving me insane!

Uh didn't write that? ^^
Talk to him about it. Maybe if you guys were friends before he might still just feel like you guys are just friends. Confront him about it and try and plan a date. You sound pretty young so maybe at the mall or to the movies. If you've never kissed before that might bring you closer.


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  • How long have you been dating for? Perhaps it just hasn't been long enough to create a solid bond between you two.

    Perhaps he's worried about getting hurt again so he's a little hesitant to get too serious right now.

    Give it a little more time and see if things get better.


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  • if you don't feel special then you have to let him know what you want him to do to make you feel more special