When someone says they'll call or text you...

If someone says that they'll call or text you to either firm up plans or for some other important reason, does it bother you when they don't and you have to be the one to follow up again?

I have some friends like this. Even my girlfriend is like that at times, too. Maybe it's just me, but if I say I'm going to do something like call or text you about something, most of the time I will do so (even if I end up not being able to do whatever we discussed), because I don't want you waiting on me or messing up any other plans you could be making. It just seems like common courtesy, right? And people do forget at times, but if this was just last night, and you were supposed to have texted me by two hours ago, that doesn't seem like it would be easy to forget in the time you slept, does it? Lol.

It happened again. This is my girlfriend, and she apparently has horrible follow-up skills. She was supposed to come by my school today to get a book for her class, talked to her last night *right* before bed about it, and told her to text me if she couldn't make it. She wasn't there, and there was no text.


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  • i hate this...i understand people have lives and forget things, but this shouldn't be a re-occuring thing...i completely agree with you on this...

    its frustrating esp if its with a girl you may be intersted in, you're like "what did I do wrong" "why aren't they responding"

    my roommates and I just interviewed this girl to take over the room...she was real excited when she saw the place and seemed very interested in moving in...she said she'd let me know by Sunday night, well last night I texted her and was like "hey just seeing if you had made a decision yet, we have some other people checking out the place this week, no need to rush just trying to figure things out, let me know either way"

    so basically asking her if she was or wasn't gonna move in and no hard feelings if she didnt...well I still haven't heard back from her and to be honest I feel its just rude...like you said people are busy but why leave someone hanging like that -grrrr


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  • @ update...thats sketchy dude...you deserve better, it seems she doesn't have her priorities straight...do yourself a favor, DO NOTTTTTTTTTTTTT talk to her until she texts you and when she does, keep convo SHORT and SIMPLE...do NOT let her run your life and have you wrapped around your finger...keep your head up and don't be pushed around...f***in rude of her

  • i myself don't follow up. to me things are always important. but if you decide to flake and not call..i'll leave it at that. I don't have time to be playing games and well I have better sh*t to do than wait around. their loss_

  • QA... I'm with you on this.

    I follow through. Of the women I've encountered I'd say half are pitiful at following through. And that's fine because I don't want to date a flake.

    • what is a flake?

    • Someone who doesn't follow through. Like if you invited me to disneyland and I said I was going... then I backed out at the last minute. Someone who habitually does sh*t like that. Always backing out with some excuse or another.