Is he responding to ads on craigslist?

A few years ago, I met my fiance on craigslist when I posted an ad and he responded. Before we actually got together, he had responded to a couple of other ads which turned out to be spam. Obviously, I am OK with that because we were not together. He ended up getting spam mail in which the spammer had replied to his original e-mail about the craigslist posting. I know that at some point, he did in fact e-mail the spammer because the message he sent was the same exact one he had originally sent to me.

Well, now we are about to be married and we have a baby on the way. I have noticed some more spam mail in his spam folder and it wouldn't have been a problem, except that the supposed date that he sent his original response to the posting was well after we were together and even after we found out that I am pregnant. I may add that the message he sent is not in his spam folder, so I have no way of determining if he had actually sent the original e-mail on the day that the replied message states it was sent. I am wondering if a spammer would change the date that an original message was sent or if any of you have experienced a case in which a replied e-mail stated the wrong date of the original message. He claims that he did not respond to any postings during the supposed dates and I really do want to marry him, but I have some lingering doubts. Here is what the e-mails look like (they are from google mail).

The spammer's email

Their message.

----- Original Message -----

From: my fiance's e-mail

To: the spammer's e-mail

Sent: Sunday, March 06, 2011 4:17 AM

Subject: hi

his original e-mail to their posting.

Thanks so much!


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  • i wouldn't worry too much about this one tbh, it's just a "hi"

  • It's possible that a spammer could change the date of the original message since it's merely text in the body of the reply. However, it doesn't make much sense to do that...

    If he's using Gmail is there nothing in his Sent folder?

    If you look at the browser history does it show anything for craigslist?

    • He doesn't have it in his Sent folder, but I am assuming he would have deleted it if there was anything. He does have browser history with craigslist, but I know that he sells things from there and I can't look now to see if the dates correspond to the sent e-mails because he just deleted his Spam e-mails.

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